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June 2024
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Project 2: Descriptive Environment
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assets, patterns, brushes, and alphas example #1

assets, patterns, brushes, and alphas example #2

Channels and Masks and Building with Assets

For our next assignment you will be creating an environment that is inspired by one of  the descriptions below. The environment will be created in black and white using primarily patterns, masks, and silhouetted shapes. You will be exploring alpha channels, vectors, custom brushes, selection tools and basic blending modes. Rather than beginning with sketches of the environment you will construct the environment from ready-made elements. Using and adjusting carefully selected pre-made components can help to create continuity in your designs as well as allow you to build very complex images in a short period of time. 

Environment Descriptions:
    •    Cute and Cuddly
    •    Eerie
    •    Graceful and Serene

For the initial part of the project you will you will develop several elements so that you have a library of assets. Do not worry as much about the final image yet. Work on creating assets that have characteristics that convey the description that you chose from above. Remember creating assets is a part of the design process. Try to create well designed assets since they will affect the outcome of your final image.

These are the assets that you will need. However, you are welcome to create and use more.

5 Texture brushes
5 Shape brushes
5 Photographic textures
5 Vector shapes
5 Compound Shapes/ and textures ( shapes and textures that are an intersection, subtraction, or addition of two or more elements)
5 Alpha channels of patterns that you create
5 Shape silhouettes saved as alpha channels

Create a tool preset that contains all of your brushes. Organize them with the shape brushes first and then the texture brushes. Create a folder for your original alphas.
Create a folder with your original photographs and your images that are prepared for black and white patterns.
All of your vector shapes should be on a single illustrator page.
Save your Compound Shapes as an alpha Channel along with the other channel images

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